From Vision To Reality VocalVerse Is Born

With the channels and content of certain voices being removed, fear of the "thought police" began to spread. We, being a group of professional Software Engineers, began to discuss the possibility of a new platform that offered both similar ways to post content as well as brand new ways for users to share and express themselves all while protecting people's right to Free Speech. The idea of VocalVerse was formed.

Thought soon turned to action and we began coding an alternative Social Media Platform. This has been no easy task and it is where each of you come in. We hope to bring you something truly special that gives you a place to be be yourself without fear of punishment or censorship. Help us spread the word!


Meet Our Team

The VocalVerse team brings together decades worth of Software and Media experience.

Roland Braelith

Founder & CEO

With about a decade of Software Engineering experience and a love for individual liberty Roland brings passion to the project.

Jody Baldwin

Data Analytics Architect

A SQL Database Wizard with decades of experience and a quick wit. Jody brings unrivaled Data Analytics expertise.

Bo McDonald

Graphic Artist / Media Producer

Creating vibrant media for many well known large companies, Bo brings a true love for marketing and graphic arts combined with decades of expert knowledge.